Mizpah Charitable Trust

India is a fast developing country where those in front are becoming hugely successful and those who need are being left further and further behind. As the children of God and as thriving citizens of the world, we are responsible for bridging the gap and giving opportunities to those who go without.

The aims of our social services are:

  • To care for the needy and underprivileged
  • To provide medical advice to those who cannot afford it otherwise.
  • To provide literature and computer facilities to young people.
  • To provide education and financial assistance so that the communities may develop and become self reliant in the future.

Home Care Project for Orphans:

When the children in poverty lose their parents – though death, alcoholism, or neglect, they are forced into deprived and difficult life. They are forced into child labour. They are forced to beg for their survival. They lose their childhood. They do not have the means or the ability to break out of their poverty.

In order to give children in this situation a chance in life, Mizpah runs a Home Care for Orphan Children in Kannagi Nagar from 2004 till now. We have identified 25 children in the community and are providing them groceries, education and other school supplies. The age group of these children is between 5 to 10yrs. Most these children have lost their father or mother. The Home care seeks to raise these children in a loving environment. We believe that one day these children will be literate, disciplined and equipped with the capacity to be a blessing to our nation and to help others out of the same impoverished situation.

Day Care Centre:

These centres run to help underprivileged children of age group between 2 to 3 ½ yrs from slums whose parents are daily labourers. When the parents go out for their jobs, the children roam the streets without proper food and education. This is where Mizpah steps in and brings these children into the day care centres and provides them with proper food, education and prepares them for regular school the following year.

Night Tuition Centres:

Mizpah operates night tuition centres after regular school hours for those who don’t have facilities to study in their own homes. We provide free coaching for students who are weak in their studies and have had much success in seeing our children perform well during their examinations.

Computer Training Schools:

Computers are very essential part of modern life. They are used in every area of day to day life – from communication to running businesses. Many enthusiastic students do not have access to computers due to poverty and location, so Mizpah brings computer studies to the communities. We have trained hundreds of young boys and girls who now work with computers in their daily jobs.

Tailoring Training Schools:

Mizpah has the privilege of uplifting women of lower social status through education at tailoring schools. These short term courses enable them to master the trade and give them the ability and the confidence to make their own lives. These women go on to either be self employed or are placed with companies that need tailors.

Garbage Cleaning Project (past project)

Mizpah provided a sanitation service for 5 long years that collected and properly disposed of trashes. We also provided education on health risks associated with living in poor sanitation and about better rubbish disposal. After completing this project, the Government itself came forward to take over this project on its own, seeing the typical transformation and disease-free zone. We have done real transformation through this project as Government has taken us as a role model and has taken over.

Medical Camps (Past Project)

Mizpah conducts periodical medical camps in the villages, slums and in the cities. We provide free medical checkups and distribute medicines to people young and old. If further treatment is required for chronic diseases, patients are referred to the nearest hospital. We take the clinics to the communities to help those who need medical treatments the most.

Current Project:

Mizpah Charitable Trust also organised "Blood Donation Camp" on 15 August, 2014 in which doctors and assistants from Government hospital, Chennai assisted us.

Self-Help Group(Past Project)

This is a financial education service provided to communities to create awareness about good financial habits. Mizpah also provides financial loans to men and women so that they can start their own family business and stand on their own.

Relief Operations

Whenever disaster strikes our country, for instance by floods or tsunami, Mizpah sends relief teams to the affected areas. Mizpah embraces those who have lost everything by providing clothes, food and also teams to construct small temporary housing. We sent teams to help thousands of people when the tsunami devastated the east coast of India in 2004.

You can send your donations to Mizpah Ministry

Account No - 67072471504
Bank Name - State Bank of Travancore
Branch - Indira Nagar, Adyar, Chennai - 600 020
IFSC - SBTR0000526