Media Ministry

Rev. Dr. M. Vincent Samuel is involved in the Television ministry to touch the lives of the broken and uncared souls in a simple and accessible way. Through this ministry we are able to reach 98.8 million people spread across 120 countries in our regional language, Tamil. Rev. Dr. M. Vincent Samuel preaches through several media, at different times in different countries all over the world.

Through this ministry many are saved and added into the Kingdom of God. Many people are calling from different cities from India and abroad to pray for their needs. All these prayers are answered through the prayers of our intercessors.

God has used Rev. Dr. M. Vincent Samuel for the past 3 decades to write Tamil Christian devotional songs. These songs have reached throughout the world among Tamil Christians. His best compositions are Enthan Jeba Velai Vummai Theydi Vandheyn, Paralogame En Sonthamey, Magimai Maatchimai Nirainthavarey, Vilaintha Palanai Aruppar Illai. Besides all these, he assisted Late Bro. D.G.S. Dhinakaran, Pr. Henry Joseph, Bro. John Solomon, Jolly Abraham, Bible Society of India, Calvary Chapel Trust-Bangalore, Literature Ministry-Singapore, and so on. He has been writing songs for Gram Phone companies which were released when he was serving in MPA.

At his 60th year Birthday Anniversary celebration, he released Aaraadhanai Naayagan VCD Vol. 1 & 2 and Paathirar audio in his own voice. His latest song Aaraadhanai Naayagan is known by all the Tamil Chirstians throught the world. God is using him in several more TV Networks. He was honored as a Judge in Sing to the King Program, telecast by Jaya Plus TV and Celebrity Guest and Judge in Angel Star Program in Angel TV. And also he telecasts his messages in Imayam, Satyam, and Holy God TV. Now, his program is appearing in Angel TV and other televisions.

Recently Rev. Dr. M. Vincent Samuel has also translated some of the English songs in Tamil for Radiance DVD. The most popular song Above all is translated in tamil by Rev. Dr. M. Vincent Samuel. And many more songs like My Saviour, Saviour He can, Water You turned into wine has been translated by this great Scholar. He has also translated many songs like Light of the world (Eng), Messiah (Hindi), Hallelujah Jesus is alive (Eng) to Tamil and has sung in VEELICHAM concert. And has also written a song Velichathin Nayagan for the same above mentioned concert. Recently he has remixed Oli tharum dheepamgal.

Rev. Dr. M. Vincent Samuel has also written a book”Vazhi Kattum dheepangal” which consists of his messages topic wise. He is also assisting Angel Tv in Angel star Junior program.